Essentially there are three sections to an RVSM manual.

  1. RVSM Maintenance Program
  2. RVSM Operations Procedures
  3. RVSM Equipment Data Package

RVSM Maintenance Program

The RVSM Maintenance program needs to be approved by your local FSDO (91 operations) or FAA certification team for 135 operators.  The program identifies and details the maintenance procedures for the RVSM critical components. The RVSM Maintenance program must comply with the FAA guidance as referenced in the Inspector Handbook 8300.10 Volume 2 Chapter 5.

By working with a large number of FSDO’s around the country we have developed a RVSM Maintenance Program that is standardized yet easily adaptable. 

RVSM Operations Procedures

Flight crews only have a few additional items to be conscious of prior to and when entering RVSM airspace. As RVSM becomes the norm, additional RVSM checks will become SOP.  We have developed a comprehensive yet concise operations section that will give crews relevant guidance for the following areas of flight:

  • RVSM Preflight

  • Prior to entering RVSM airspace

  • TCAS Anomalies

  • RVSM Contingencies

  • Equipment Failure
  • Additionally we have a pilot training section that outlines RVSM requirements.     

    RVSM Data Package

    The data package is all the reference material and associated items that ensures the aircraft complies with RVSM requirements and is equipped to meet RVSM standards. Items to be included but not limited to are:

  • Aircraft Flight Manual Reference

  • Aircraft Documents

  • RVSM Service Bulletin (In-Service Aircraft)

  • Maintenance Inspection Requirements

  • RVSM Minimum Equipment List

  • Maintenance ICA's’s (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness)

    Note: There is no need for a physical inspection of the aircraft if the required documentation is sufficient.

  • Tailored Manuals

    Depending on the type of operation and the size of the fleet there are a number of options available on how the manual should be packaged to reduce costs and save time.

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